Video Skank by The Laylas

Written by Ellie Hawthorne

Oh, here you go again, screeching like a freak again,
Bleaching your hair blonde again, dressing like a whore again!
Far too much make-up again, your legs separated again,
Teenage boys howling your name while all the parents want you dead!

How come me and my guitar, can't beat a Californian slut
Who's there, begging for far too much?

And how come, when I dress normally,
You go out wearing hot pants and make the boys go weak at their knees?

All (Shan and Nasia):
Well, I am not, a video skank (oh-oh)!
I don't like stripping right down to my pants!
Whilst you f*ck boys, I make some noise,
With my purple guitar!
And as you walk around half-naked, I can tell, by the age of twenty, you'll have a kid,
Whilst you screw guys, I'll be making the sun rise
To the rhythm of the beating drums.