The Walking Dead: New York is a fanfiction written by Delilah based on the horror-drama series The Walking Dead. Like the original show, it features survivors of a zombie apocalypse hoping to survive, however, as the title suggests it takes place in New York, unlike the TV counterpart which takes place in Georgia.

ep 2 - meet with white plains survivors, connection with jeremy, karen rivalry, shane & marina stuff

ep 3 - danielle & myra - marina gets advice, jobs are given, danielle and audrey talk, myra injured on the job

ep 4 - virgil - shane talks to virgil, lena and audrey fight and karen joins in against angelina, danielle cares for myra

ep 5 - angelina - zombies nearly overrun the camp, new survivor esmeralda joins the group, myra begins planning suicide with angelina

ep 6 - shane - karen announces pregnancy, mike is killed saving marina, esmeralda's bad intentions revealed, shane and eddie have heart-to-heart

ep 7 - jeremy & karen - myra kills herself and reanimates, group realizes u dont have to be bitten to come back, eric talks to jeremy about losing his dad, 

ep 8 - audrey - esmeralda connects with jeremy, angering angelina and karen, danielle is put on suicide watch and connects with audrey,

ep 9 - claudia, lena & otto - karen lies about miscarriage for attention, claudia doesnt believe her and lectures her, while grieving debbie and otto kiss, marina sees them and confronts her mother, audrey and angelina have a falling out over angelina's treatment towards karen

ep 10 - both esmeralda's group and zombies attack, debbie, eric, and eddie are killed, the group leaves the farmhouse