Flashbacks of the previous season.
Leela: I'm sure you remembered it folks, the controversial reality game show brought to you by legendary Swedish television producer, Delilah Johansson. Well guess what, The House in the Middle of Nowhere is back, and better than ever. Ladies and gentlemen, I am Leela Björnholm, and this is the House in the Middle of Nowhere - Fire vs Ice.
Show's opening theme.
Two silver helicopters, one with a blue stripe and one with a red are seen flying.
Nasia DR: My name is Nasia, I am 22 years old, I'm a prostitute and I hail from Baltimore, Maryland. I'm in this game to win, there's not one chance I'm coming out a loser and I'm gonna make sure of that.
Brandon DR: I'm Brandon, 25 years old, from New York City, and I work as a freelance journalist. I'm gonna be a backstabbing bitch in this competition, this motherf*ckers better watch out.
Jessy DR: I'm Jessy, my age does not need to be discussed, I don't want stalkers knowing where I live, and I'm a social media consultant.
Delilah DR: You do realize that your name, age, occupation, and hometown are all being displayed on screen right now, Jessy?
Jessy DR: *laughs awkwardly* Uh, of course I did, I was just joking.
Delilah DR: Sure bitch.
The camera now show's exterior shots of the blue helicopter.
Nina DR: My name is Nina, I'm a student and I'm 21 years old from Burbank. My strategy to stay in the game is to seem all sweet and weak, but do a bunch of shady business behind people's backs. *winks*
Karla DR: Hey, I'm Karla. Twenty-three years old, bartender, from Bakersfield. I'm kinda a laid-back type person, I'm not gonna try to pick fights with people, unless they deserve it. Honestly, I think I'm gonna be able to get along with everyone in the house.
Tyler DR: I'm Tyler, I like beer, pizza, and hot chicks. *burps*
The two helicopters land in front of Leela and a large house as they begin emptying the people inside of them.
Leela: Welcome housemates, to the beautiful Helsinki, Finland, your home for the next few weeks.
Everyone cheers.
Leela: But don't think that this is gonna be some beautiful foreign resort. Each week, one of you will be booted out of the house, leaving with nothing. But enough talk, because your first challenge begins now.
Everyone gasps.
Leela: You heard right folks, it begins right now. Follow me into the basement.
The cast all follow Leela into the house, down the stairs, and into the basement.
Leela: Welcome to the deep dark and only imperfection of this beautiful mansion, the basement. I don't expect many of you to be coming back here, especially after this challenge.
Shan DR: My name is Shannon, but I'm better known as Shan, I'm a gynecologist and I'm from Louisiana.